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RING SOLAR always carries the mission of "to connect the non-electrical regions with electricity, to benefit thousands of homes with solar power, and let solar power become more convenient", and provides the best energy solutions for customers based on market demands.

· To connect the non-electrical regions with electricity: at present, there are still nearly one billion people living without electricity for various reasons. "To connect the non-electrical regions with electricity" is an unwavering mission for RING SOLAR. According to the different environment of the regions without electricity, we have accumulated abundant experience on solar power generation, energy storage and application consumption solutions by continuous market research and product development over the years. We are aiming and contributing to establish a world where sustainable energy is available to everyone.

· To benefit thousands of homes with solar power: distributed solar power generation is a new way of power generation and energy utilization. Solar panels are installed directly on the roofs of users' buildings, and the electricity generated is connected to the national grid nearby. The distributed power generation system customized for every household, industrial and commercial roof adopts high-quality crystalline silicon panels and excellent auxiliary parts. RING SOLAR is responsible for system design, sales, installation, quality assurance, operation and maintenance, to ensure your roof can generate electricity and make money. 

· Let solar power become more convenient: RING SOLAR breaks the traditional understanding of people on solar power generation, and integrates new energy technology into our daily life more humanely. Make full use of the ubiquitous solar energy and develop various solar application products to meet people's demand for electricity in different situations. Have RING SOLAR, enjoy sunshine!